Megan Williams, MDA, RDN, CDE

Megan Williams, MDA, RDN, CDE

Megan Williams is a registered and licensed dietitian/nutritionist and certified diabetes educator.  She earned a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from Brigham Young University and received a Masters of Dietetic Administration from Utah State University.  Originally from Utah, Megan has had the opportunity to work with populations in Atlanta, Georgia, San Jose, California, and Moscow, Idaho before settling in Jerome, Idaho for which she notes will be “forever.”

 Megan runs an American Diabetes Association recognized diabetes education program out of SFMC.  She loves the rural setting and the ability to get so connected to her patients.  Megan is a certified pump and pod trainer and enjoys the challenge of working with all types of diabetes patients. 

Megan has also gained critical experience in working with all kinds of eating disorder patients.  She finds this area of her career to be both challenging and rewarding as she helps clients free themselves from the bondage an eating disorder can create.

Currently a member of the Idaho Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Board, Megan contributes to her profession by supporting the role of the RDN in nutrition education and volunteers to provide education in her surrounding communities.

 Megan continues to enjoy playing basketball and volleyball when the opportunity arises.  She has also learned that she has an affinity for construction work and is quite at home on heavy machinery.  In her spare time Megan can be found in her yard, taking care of her toddler,  or playing the banjo.